Collaborative Performance Management

Collaborative Performance Management

Download Paper Paper 1 “Most people want to achieve in their life and work, and to improve over time. Most organisations understand some of the best practices in performance management and achieve through their peoples performance. So why do you as an individual sometimes feel frustrated, disappointed and/or dissatisfied with the recognition of your performance and, with the level of progress and/or the organisations ability to help you give your best and improve and progress? This short paper provides a guide to you and your organisation to enable you to “Take control of your performance” through collaboration with stakeholders and the organisation to “Making you central to their success”.”
Performance Management Critical Success Factors

Critical Success Factors

Download Paper Paper 2 “Performance Management is a critical capability in every organisation, yet it is often not very well defined or integrated into the organisation. In the Digitally mature organisation it becomes more sophisticated and more powerful. How do we get it right?, so that the performance of Individuals, Teams, Processes, Machines, Information and Materials all contribute to the organisations strategic goals and KPI’s. This series of short papers provides a guide for enhancing an organisations performance management capabilities and the system overall.”
Best Practice Performance Management

Best Practice Goals & KPIs

Download Paper Paper 3 “In this Paper we consider the importance of selecting and defining Goals & KPIs. At all levels in an organisation, individuals set and commit to Goals & KPI’s and, it was highlighted as a critical success factor in all Performance Management systems. The contents of the paper act as a guide for putting in place effective Goals & KPIs.”
Performance Management Pitfalls

Pitfalls & Prevention

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Paper 4 “We acknowledge that Performance Management is a critical success factor for Individuals, Teams and Organisations, yet despite this many organisations fail to derive the potential an effective Performance Management Process can deliver. In this paper we look at the many pitfalls that even good processes can fall into, and the preventive actions that will assure the best results for individuals and teams can be achieved.”
Digital Performance Management

Digital Organisation Performance Management

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Paper 5 “Performance Management is a critical capability in every organisation yet it is often not very well defined or integrated. In the Digitally mature organisation it becomes more sophisticated and more powerful. In this paper we look at the impact of Digitisation with respect to Performance Management and also how technology can be leveraged to improve Performance & Performance Management. (How do we change Performance Management for Digitally enabled Organisations? & How can we leverage technology for Performance Management?”
Digital Performance Management

How to make Performance Management Work


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Paper 6 ” Performance Management is important to Individuals’, Teams’ and Organisations’. Often even with Best Practices in place the stakeholders still do not get the expected outcomes as they relate to Performance and Performance Improvement. By focusing on the Task, Procedure & Relationship (TPR)aspects of “Performance Management System” and implementing some TLC (Training, Leadership & Collaboration) Individuals and Teams can make the system work.”

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