Collaborative Performance Management

In Life & Work

Take Ownership for your Performance

In Life & Work

With Support from your Community Network

In Life & Work

Securing Success & Satisfaction

In Life & Work

Manager, Leader, Coach or Mentor

Monitor, Engage & Support Team Members

Digital Performance Management

Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device

Definition of Collaborative Performance Management


“A systematic but agile process of communication & collaboration between an individual and their community network, with respect to their Role & Aims for Life or Work, which maximises their contribution and satisfaction, and resulting impact for community and its members”

My Performance means I own my performance. My Guide is my leader, manager, coach or mentor who is committed to supporting my success, My community are key individuals who I value, or who influence, are interested or are impacted by my performance.
Personal Performance

My Performance

The Individual Owns their performance and performance process

Performance Community

My Community

Frequent communication and feedback from Guide & Community


My SMART (Squared) Goals

Effective Goals and Relevant KPIs’

Performance Manager

My Guide

The performance guide is the leader, coach, mentor and key supporter

Performance KPI

My KPIs'

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs’) are the important measurements & indicators of progress

Performance Level

My Performance

Consensus with my leader and community on how I am doing

Performance Contribution

My Contribution

The value I create and bring to my community and organisation

Team Performance

My Team

Engagement, Support, Advice & Coaching

Performance Management Software

My Digital Technology

Agility, Responsiveness, Connectivity & Compliance

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